Monday, September 2, 2013

May 5, 1942 - Feeling the Effects

I've gotten my hands on some new (to me) pictures of my grandparents from around 1942-1945. I will be sprinkling them into new blog updates as I post them!

In this letter, Jim is in full pining mode, since Ruth has just gone home again after visiting Jim.

Gettysburg, So. Dak
Mon. May 5, 1942

Dearest Ruthie,

I’ll bet you are going to be quite supprised, hearing from me so soon, but honey, I’m in a rut already, - you’ve been gone exactly 3 hours and I’m telling you, I’m really feeling the effects.

It seems kinda funny, I used to feel bad when I would leave Faith for a week or so, but you leaving today, is altogether different.

I went into the café after you left, and ordered a big dinner (you know what kind of an appetite I have) but so help me, I had to get up and leave most of it – Have you ever tried to eat, when you have a big lump in your throat? I’ve found out you just can’t do it.

I think your folks are swell Ruthie, and hope, someday to get to know them a lot better, I hope that I have made a favorable impression on them. – When I heard you were in town I didn’t even take time to wash my face or change clothes. Ruthie you surely must know by now that I love you and I love you an awful lot, in fact they haven’t made figures high enough for me to use to tell you.

After leaving the café I went up to the office to post gravel tickets. Art Himrich handed me the note you had written to me, and said “you sure have a nice looking girl Jim – and her folks are surely nice people.” He seemed to enjoy talking to your Dad, - Art is another swell guy Ruthie, I worked with him last summer in Mabridge – He lost the sight, completely in his left eye while testing the rack quantity in the gravel, last fall. He feels pretty bad about it. – wears dark glasses most of the time so no-one will notice it. The State paid him $1500.00 and promised him a job as long as he wants to work for them.

I finished posting about 4 o’clock and came right down to my room, I’ve just been sitting here by the bed, thinking, and honey, I have to be in a pretty serious mood, when I do that. In fact I feel kinda like I did in Faith Easter Monday nite.

I hope this letter isn’t to disgusting, Ruthie, I don’t believe I have ever written like this before, but then I know for sure, I have never felt this way before so that gives me an “out” doesn’t it?

Did you get home O.K? Or did you have to fix any flat tires? How is your mother’s throat? O.K. I hope – Oh yes, and “How’s your ankle, Ruthie?” Remember your little brother asking you that?

The girl at the restaurant, saw Maynard with his wife & little boy. I guess she thought he wasn’t married, and when she asked me, I told her that he was. – She said “Well of all things!” Then she turned to me and said “When are you going to bring your family down? And I said Violet, my dear, she was here today, and she said “Oh! That’s why she was showing Gene the diamond, well I’ll get to know this outfit yet, if I find out things like I have today.” I presume Maynard took her to the dance while his wife was away last week – Anyway I haven’t found out all the details, but I’m not very interested either.

The only thing I’m interested in is hearing from you real soon, and more that that to hear you say “I promise to come up June 1.”


Say hello to your folks for me - !

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